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  • Guillaume Azoulay
  • 1949

Guillaume Azoulay was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949, and by age thirteen was sketching and selling his drawings on the street and at fairs. He has held major exhibits in Rome, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo, Reno, Paris, Tel-Aviv and many other cities. In 1978 two of his works were accepted into the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Their chief curator has said of Azoulay. "He is an artist whose varied works let us predict a very bright future".

He has achieved international recognition as a successful and truly gifted artist. His unique self-taught style conveys strong illusions of fluid motion. His subjects appear to be caught in a vital moment of life. He does not use models, preferring to rely on his imagination.

His works are found in the collections of former President Ronald Reagan, Francois Mitterand, the late Anwar Sadat, King Hassan II of Morocco, Prince Rainier and Prince Karim Aga Khan. He is noted for his generosity and has made countless contributions of art to many worthwhile charitable organizations. He is extremely proud of his Jewish tradition and Sephardic heritage and has expressed his feeling of pride through many of his works of art. Guillaume Azoulay was presented with the Yehuda Halevi Award on February 12, 1986.

One of his most notable accomplishments is the fact that Azoulay is the youngest artist to be accepted in the permanent archives of the Musee du Louvre, in Paris.


For Sale: "Harvest Moon" - April, 1977
A four color etching printed in vine black intaglio color with a transparent blue relief roll and a split fountain roll of yellow to red on a piggy-back plate.  The image is 12" x 15" printed on 100% rage Stonehenge Print paper 22" x 30".  The print bears the Press Press chop in the lower right hand corner.  All art work was executed by the artist directly on plate.


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Guillame Azoulay
"Harvest Moon"
1949 - Morracan