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  • Dusty Naranjo

Dusty Naranjo is the granddaughter of Rose Naranjo, the sister of Forest Naranjo. She was taught by her mother, Bernice Naranjo, and works brownware sgraffito vases. Her brother is Kevin Naranjo. Although a contemporary potter in style, she creates her work in the traditional way gathering her own clay, stone polishing and wood firing. Some of the most beautiful pots made are brownware but it is not common to see it.

“Dusty stated that she enjoys creating artwork because ‘it is a dynamic process. Through the creation of a piece, one gains perspective and a focus that is often lost in contemporary society.’” Schaaf (page 61). The shape of her pots and placement of graphics on the pottery are exactly as she wants them. Dusty is an artist who creates art through pottery thus her pieces are unique and contemporary in relation to traditional pueblo pottery.

From Pueblo Pottery of Maine


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