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  • Forrest Naranjo - Santa Clara Pottery

Forrest Naranjo is what one could call an urban Indian in that he has spent little or no time living in the pueblos. His father, Tito Naranjo (Santa Clara), was a university professor and Forrest was raised away from the pueblos. This is no doubt why his pottery has a very contemperary feel and often incorporates designs that reflect his interests rather than pueblo life. For example, Forrest has done pottery with bicyclists and others with undersea life. These reflect his years spent racing mountain bikes (1995 NM State Champion) and more recently, his interest his scuba diving. Not content with reef diving, Forrest was recently certified in cave diving and has already made a dive trip the the caves of Mexico's Yucatan. He has also spent a number of years as a dance instructor. He admits that he took up pottery to earn a living and was inspired by his relatives. In as much as his father's siblings are Jody Folwell, Dolly Naranjo, Nora Naranjo-Morse and Michael Naranjo sculptor) it is understandable why his pottery took the direction it did. His sister is the well known potter Dusty Naranjo and his mother is a Taos potter, Bernice Suazo Naranjo.

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