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Guillermo Silva Santamaria


Guillermo Silva Santamaria was born in Bogota, Columbia in 1921. His studies were pursued in schools and graphic arts workshops throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe. For the past twenty years he has been a leading exhibitor in the finest galleries of the world. His awards and prizes are innumerable; his work is in virtually al important public and private collections of contemporary graphics. As a teacher, headquartered in Mexico City, he has trained an entire generation of etchers, many of whom have themselves achieved international renown.
...and the technique!

Silva Santamaria’s technique encompasses control of three dimensional embossing effects through differential depth of cutting of the plate; and unique use of brilliant colors in close juxtaposition through control of the inks used. Since each impression is colored differently from every other from the same plate, each is essentially a unique monotype

1921 Born in Bogota, Columbia
1937 Studies painting under the French painter, Pierre Daguet, following the Impressionistic School
1948 Travels in the United States and to France, pursuing his studies there at the School of Fine Arts and at private academies.
1949 Establishes in Colombia, together with the French artist Jean Crotti, inventore of the technique, the first workshop for stained glass windows, type Gemaux.
1950 Teaches drawing at the School of Fine Arts in Bogota, Colombia
1951 Travels for second time to Europe and starts painting in modified style
1953 Travels to Peru, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu, establishing for the first time a real contact with the native arts of America
1954 Publishes in Bogota a monography with abstract compositions.
1955 Travels in Mexico, attracted by the influence of contemporary Mexican Art.

1956 Studies engraving at the school of Esmeralda in Mexico City, in the workshop of Isidore Ocampo.
1957 Pursues studies at the workshop for engraving at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
1958 Teaches engraving at the Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City
1959 Is in Charge of the workshop for metal engraving of the Centre for Superior Studies of Applied Arts in Mexico City.
1960 Member of the group of artists that organizes the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City

1960 Publishes series of engravings entitled “Man Against Man”
1960 First Prize in Engraving, San Miguel de Allende annual

1961 First Prize in Engraving, Canadian Painters and Etchers Society at the Royal Museum, Ontario, Canada

From The Cassidy Gallery 1712 San Pedro NE, Albuquerque, NM


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Guillermo Silva Santamaria
Etching A/65 (1964)
24 1/2" x 22 1/2"